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Smart Working Assistant and Unified Communication in One App

Work Assistance

Make a great partner with your mobile device as assistance for reminding your work. You can provide assistance/information based on conversation.

Directory Service

Increase the productivity of your company and employees with directory services. You can create and manage works for your employees with various forms such as agenda meetings, meeting minutes, assignments, and more.

Discover and Timeline

Share important information about your company's industry such as articles, news, events, and videos. You can even do live streaming at your company events and more.


With dashboard, you can do progress monitoring so that the work is more effective and gives good value to your company.

Unified Messaging

Build good communication with your employees, with discussion forums you can make contextual group chat base on discussion context and topics.

Video & Audio Call

Start free video and audio calls with your employees, client, and more. You can chat while your video calls with your colleague.

Conference Call

Start free video and audio call together with your employees, client, and more in real-time. You can start a video and audio call conference up to 5 users.

Expense Management

With NUe, you can process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses only using your mobile phone. Cut down on the complexity of the bureaucracy to disburse the funds needed by your employees, it will help to make your company time and quality effective.

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