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Live video streaming service has revolutionized how businesses communicate with their customers. Companies have realized the potential of using live streaming services to engage and maintain an open relationship with their audience.

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Seamless Live Streaming

Provides high-quality live streaming with low bandwidth and latency to get the best experience for your customers.

Targeted Streaming

A live streaming service that can be set according to your customer base to provide appropriate content.


Write comments, give likes and responses to content/topics during live streaming. More interactive with viewers!


Express your feelings towards the video you're watching with various emojis.

Simply Practical

Call our API in a single line. We have been working hard to ensure the utmost practicality and ease.

repositories {
	maven {
		url ""
		credentials {
			username = "${artifactory_username}"
			password = "${artifactory_password}"

dependencies {
	implementation 'io.newuniverse:api:1.0.0'


1. The sample given is for trial purpose (there will be an indicator stating the trial).

2. The sample requires nuSDK to run (download the full source above for more detail).

3. The credentials given are trial. Change this credential if you have already subscribed.

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