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You will get our chat API for free if you subscribe to one of our Live APIs above. You can easily implement various features in your apps such as groups with multiple topics, media attachments, secret messages, self-destructing messages, acknowledgments, and many others.

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Multiple Channel Communication

Receive or send messages to customers by using any kind of channels like SMS, e-mails, voice mails, video messages, chat, all within only one interface.

Direct & Group Chat

Send direct messages to other users via 1-1, or within group chats. Create different chats in a single group based on any topic.


Send various media attachments for better communication.

Various Message Modes

Confirmation Message
Have your sent messages manually acknowledged by the receiver to ensure the recipient actually read the message.

Anonymous Message
Post your messages anonymously.

Confidential Message
Set a timer for particular text-messages, files, and messages to self-destruct after they have been read.


Stickers to cater your mood.

Simply Practical

Call our API in a single line. We have been working hard to ensure the utmost practicality and ease.

repositories {
	maven {
		url ""
		credentials {
			username = "${artifactory_username}"
			password = "${artifactory_password}"

dependencies {
	implementation 'io.newuniverse:api:1.0.0'


1. The sample given is for trial purpose (there will be an indicator stating the trial).

2. The sample requires nuSDK to run (download the full source above for more detail).

3. The credentials given are trial. Change this credential if you have already subscribed.

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