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Transforming Your Worklife

One on One Communication

Provide companies with an efficient way to communicate with VoIP and video call.

Live Training & Coaching

Easily live stream training and coaching so all employee can benefit from them anywhere. Enriched with screen sharing and whiteboarding features, the presenter can deliver the best training & coaching experience.

Video Call Group Discussion

Provide companies with a tool to help employees work as a team even if they are not in office. Voice, video, and chat groups enable employees to work efficiently anywhere.

Virtual Meeting

Allows you to have a virtual meetings with your colleagues around the world via video conference. A moderated conference enriched with screen sharing and whiteboarding to ensure the best quality virtual meeting.


Engage Your Customer. The Way They Like

Live Commerce

Provide your customers with new and exciting shopping experiences. Live stream interactively where the sellers and buyers can communicate and make a purchase.

Smart Search Bot

Help your customers find the product they need. Users only need to type one word and the Bot will offer several related products.

Customer Support

Provide a nonstop and instant customer service with an automated chatbot that understands each costumer's needs.

Product Discussion

Let your customers efortlessly ask and find information about the desired product by using VoIP, video call, and/or chat.


Connecting The Dots

Customer Support

Provide a nonstop and instant customer service with automated chatbot.

Live Marketing

Increase your brand awareness by broadcasting your live marketing sessions. Use the current technology to introduce your products, increase brand awareness and attract more customers.


Advanced Healthcare Made Personal

Live Coaching

Easily conduct health training or coaching sessions for patients by using the live streaming feature. Viewers can interact with the streamer via the chat feature within the live stream.

Real-time Consultation

Connect with your patients from anywhere in real time. VoIP/Video Call, IM enable you tocommunicate instantly with your patients.


Learn in Ways that aren’t Otherwise Possible or Practical Using Interactive Technologies

Live Teaching

Teach classes live from anywhere around the world. Educators can provide live interactive classes that allows students to discuss, ask, and present anywhere they are.

One to One Communication

Members can communicate with other members or educators in real-time to ask or discuss class materials using the VoIP, video call, or chat features.

Video Call Group Discussion

Students and educators can easily discuss using group video calls that allows the use of screen sharing and whiteboarding to ensure the clearest communication.


Banking Next Generation

Open Account Anywhere

Easily acquire new customers by allowing them to open an account from their mobile phones. Customer can conduct live video calls and show the required documents to the teller without having to go to the bank.

Customer Engagement

Easily connect and interact with your customer anywhere anytime to ensure the best customer experience.

Customer Support

Provide a nonstop and instant customer service with an automated chatbot that understands each costumer's needs.


Insurance Made Easier

Live Customer Engagement

Easily inform costumers about new polices or product through live streaming. Customers can have live interactions with the streamer via instant messaging.

Fast and Easier Claim Process

Provide your customers with fast and easy ways to handle damage claims and make it possible to settle the claim via video call. The review and the damage claims can be easily documented through video calling. So there is no need for an on-site visit from a surveyor in many cases.

Customer Support

Provide a nonstop and instant customer service with an automated chatbot that understands each costumer's needs.

Customer Support / Helpdesk

Customer Support. Simplified

Free Call From Around the World

IP based voice and video call enables your customers to reach you with no charge and no hassle anywhere.

In App Customer Interaction Tools

Allow yourself and your customers to easily interact with each other in your application. Your customers don’t need to use other applications to reach you.

Protect Customer Data

Provide tools to interact with your customer from inside your application. Reduce customer support costs by eliminating the need of 3rd party customer support.

Wholesale Distribution

More Agile, Nimble, Efficient, and Customer-Centric

Bridging Digital Ecosystem

Distributors need agility to connect all aspects of the partner ecosystem, including suppliers and customers. They need new technologies to create and expand a digital ecosystem. CPaaS will leverage those challenges and bring agility to bridge communication of all entities within ecosystem.

Customer Experience & Loyalty

Traditionally, success and profitability in the wholesale distribution industry centered on operational efficiency and supply chain management. But that approach now needs to extend through to customer engagement and services innovation. CPaaS bring agility to fulfill that demand by providing VoIP, Video Call, Live Streaming, or Chat features.

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