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Video call technology is now plays a larger role within the customer service industry. There’s an old adage in customer service that a real person, whose smiling face the customer can see, always wins. Why not let technology deliver that smile to your customer’s face? video conferencing is predicted to be a top trend in 2019. Better, faster and cheaper - video conferencing has it all.

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Crystal Clear Video Call

Provides a high-quality video interaction with low bandwidth and low latency to provide the best experience for your customers.

1-1 / Video Conferencing

Provide customers with a high-quality video interaction (up to 16 participants) in real-time to maximize customer engagement experience.

Screen Sharing

Enhance your demos and training, or guide your customer by allowing them to view your screen from theirs in real-time.


A collaborative tool to facilitate communication by allowing to write and sketch on a shared whiteboard space.

IP PBX/Telepresence Service Integration

Enables audio-video conferencing interoperability across various top-notch video conferencing, collaboration and telepresence solutions. With our cloud-based audio-video conferencing service, your application can easily connect to legacy audio-video conferencing deployment using H.323, SIP or WebRTC format.

Simply Practical

Call our API in a single line. We have been working hard to ensure the utmost practicality and ease.

repositories {
	maven {
		url ""
		credentials {
			username = "${artifactory_username}"
			password = "${artifactory_password}"

dependencies {
	implementation 'io.newuniverse:api:1.0.0'


1. The sample given is for trial purpose (there will be an indicator stating the trial).

2. The sample requires nuSDK to run (download the full source above for more detail).

3. The credentials given are trial. Change this credential if you have already subscribed.

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